Living in South Granville


South Granville is a lively community situated in the West side of Vancouver close to Shaughnessy and the Fairview Slopes.  Consisting of high quality fashion boutiques, award winning restaurants, live entertainment venues and acclaimed art galleries that make this one of most prestigious areas of the Lower Mainland.

Self described as "Bridge to 16th" spanning the South End of Granville Street to the end of the Granville Street Bridge (5th Avenue), including one block East and West of Granville at Broadway



With a population of 25,000, South Granville and Fairview are mostly made up of affluent young professionals aged 20-34 and female (56%).  The dominant language is English (88%) however there are more Japanese, Spanish and Russian speakers than average.

The majority of residents are employed in business, finance and administration as well as higher than average employment in social science, education, government and religion, management, natural and applied sciences and art, culture, recreation and sport occupations.


The top 5 occupations for South Granville residents are:

  • Clerical occupations (9%)
  • Teachers and professors (8%)
  • Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences (7%)
  • Professional occupations in health (6%)
  • Judges, lawyers, psychologists (5%)



Three parks lie within walking distance and South Granville is also in close proximity to the Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club and the Firehall library located at W 10th Avenue



Elementary schools within three blocks

  • Lord Tennyson  Elementary School – 1936 W 10th Avenue
  • L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary School – 1166 W 14th Avenue

Secondary Schools

  • Prince of Wales Secondary – 2250 Eddington Drive

Private Schools (close proximity)

  • York House
  • Little Flower Academy


Housing Profile

91% of South Granville’s housing consists of slightly older low-rise (under 5 storey) apartments. In 2007 the average price in South Granville for an apartment/condo was $459,686 and $1,617.980 for a detached house. These prices are slightly more than average for Vancouver but reflect the area’s older heritage status and lower development rate.



The South Granville and Fairview area is well served by the transit system. The 98 B-Line provides a convenient service to Richmond and the Waterfront Station where you can transfer to the Millennium Sky Train line.

South Granville and Fairview are highly accessible by vehicle and sit with easy access to Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver International airport.